SECOND TAKE: “What Is Cryamore Up To These Days?”

Hey guys! Alan (tenpoundpixel) here with a wrap-up of the latest update.

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Esmy’s showing off a little bit!

What Is Cryamore Up To These Days?

Hello, fellow future Cryatists! Been worried about Cryamore? Have you been sweating as profusely as our 3 lovable siblings above? Well, don’t be! We have a new pretty lengthy update for you!

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gaiax2 asked: What is the game being built on.. Unity?!

Yes, we’re using Unity and coding it in C#. We’re also using a couple of third party tools to handle the sprites and UI-related stuff.


themoealmighty asked: what about the Wii U? Cryamore is heavily influence by SNES games, it would feel a little unfair for some of us who owns one and can't afford a computer that could run steam or tablets or smartphones.

We’re also considering the Wii-U as the Wii is already stepping aside for its next-gen successor. We’d have to think about how to integrate the control pad too if so, but again, announcements regarding console platforms for Cryamore will definitely be made as we go further into development and weigh out our options.

Also, for people who do run low to mid-tier PC’s or mobile units, we’ll be doing our best to optimize Cryamore to play on a decent range of specs.


The Wii-U was one of the console stretch goals that was reached (all goals were reached actually) so there’s no worry about whether or not Cryamore is coming out there.

The PS3 and 360 were the other stretch goals but as mentioned in a previous Q&A, we’ll be considering changing those to PS4 and Xbox One.


maqueenaladyboy asked: Is it possible for Cryamore to come to next gen platforms (ps4/x1)? Keep up the great work!

We’ll be looking into it! As time goes by, the PS4 and Xbox One will become the standard so we may have to switch over our console versions to that.

An announcement will surely be made regarding such changes if we decide on it. Thanks for the support and stay tuned for the coming update that we’ve been hard at work on (and been itching to release)!



rabbitoftheaurora asked: Hey guys! Our kickstarter stuff is still on the way right? You haven't forgotten about it have you? =P

What is there to forget? We’re working on the game every day. =P

(KS rewards will all be handled towards the game completion.)

PAID GIG: 2D Environment Artist


We are still working hard on Cryamore! We are now currently looking to contract out an additional 1 or 2 artists to directly assist with background work and environments for a few weeks or so. 

This consists of inking rough layouts of areas (in a very moderate resolution; we draw assets near-native of the game’s resolution) within the defined style. (If you are also proficient with color and using Photoshop and can also render in the appropriate style, then that’s a plus!) 

Please email the cryamore developer email at cryamoredev(at)gmail(dot)com with a link to environment stuff you’ve done before, if interested. 

If you have solid experience digitally drawing backgrounds in general (comics, etc.), feel free to submit as well. However, artists experienced with game art will get priority.

Of course, this is PAID WORK. 

Thanks in advance!

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