The Kids Involved in Cryamore

Robert Porter ~ The first half of the developer/game designer/animator/artist for Cryamore. Drawing since he could remember, Rob is a completely self-taught Illustrator/Visual Artist from Chicago, Illinois currently working for UDON Entertainment drawing comics for Capcom and Namco-Bandai. His love for video games (especially the 16-bit era) leaks into most of his style. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger; he just thought you should know that. 

Alan Wansom ~ The second half of the developer/game designer/animator/artist for Cryamore. Alan hails from Canton, Michigan, and is currently (in addition to Cryamore) working on his own side-scrolling beat-em-up 8-Bit Bastards. He also has an undying love for games of the 16-bit era as well, obviously.

Aivi Tran ~ The third part of the Triforce, Aivi is a classy, self-taught and school-refined pianist, composer, and arranger based out of the San Francisco Bay Area in California. She particularly grew up adoring the works of Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger), Koji Kondo (Zelda), Akifumi Tada (Bomberman 64) Michiru Oshima (Legend of Legaia), and you can hear it in her work; but she adds her own playful, personal touch to it. So you know that Cryamore’s music is in good hands.

Steven “Surasshu” VelemaSurasshu is one-half of the awesome Yogurtbox duo, and he will be mainly manning the sound design in Cryamore; having worked for Amaze Entertainment, Capcom, EA, and more. He’s also an exceptional composer/arranger, and he will be helping Aivi on some of the soundtrack.

KOKI ~ Kouki Hirotani, known simply as KOKI, is an experienced pixel animator and artist for 7th Chord (Namco-Bandai subsidiary ~ Tales of Innocence R, All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation). His classic, fluid animation style is just what you were looking for in games like these.

Jordan Chewning ~ The tour de force behind the art of 2-man Indie developer Twindrills, he’s an animator and pixel artist. He’s best known for working on the indie game Zombie Grinder. He loves working with snazzy, particle effects too. 

Mariel Kinuko Cartwright ~ Freelance artist, character designer, and animator; worked for WayForward and Konami. Lead Animator on Skullgirls. Animator on Scott Pilgrim: The Game. She knows what she’s doing. Also, she really loves monsters, girls, and designing monster girls.

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