pornographicangel asked: It does sound like a very good concept! What will the fighting be like? Is it like, you equip certain skills, or are the skills pre-defined by the weapon?


The player will be able to choose a weapon in the beginning of the game. The weapon battle system will be done strategically in the same vein as Secret of Mana, in that you would have a meter that would refill upon each ‘weapon strike’, affecting attack strength. You will also be able to level up your weapon through specific means. Each weapon will have pre-defined skills.

In addition to that, you will have two other nodes to equip elemental abilities. These will act as your ‘magic’ attacks and will consume EP (elemental points). We’ll have 81 different abilities for players to choose from, and after finding and learning (which is a not-so-easy thing to do, as we’ll explain later), they will be able to be swapped out at certain Cryaspots around the world, as you can only hold 2 in your nodes and 2 in reserve, but while traveling you’ll be able to quick select between the 4.

So there will be heavy customization on your loadout with a total of 3 possible attack options; Weapon/main attack, Ability Slot 1 and Ability Slot 2 (5 in total while traveling) as well as support abilities thrown in the mix.

We’ll be talking more on this subject as development continues. =)

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