Well, this is sooner than expected, but we’re looking for a composer. We’re beginning designing the Overworld and areas, and though we have a select few composers we’re looking at that we could possibly just go inquire and hire, we figure why not first extend it out to anyone who wants to try their hand at piloting the whole sound design. Possibly even someone who has worked on a few titles themselves, or someone who has composed a lot of music but have yet to get pulled on to something big. We’re not partial.

The feedback for this game has been big so far, and it’s only going to get bigger, based on what we’re implementing in this game each day.

Of course, this will be a paying gig contingent on your rates and if we think you’ll fit really well with Cryamore’s world. We know music is just as important as the game design and art aspects (especially since we’re going with an old-school moniker). So we’re looking for someone who wants to mold the world with us. There are a few requirements though:

  • You have to really LOVE vidya game music. Even if you never played SNES and PSX classics like Secret of Mana, Link to the Past, Alundra, or Brave Fencer Musashi (we won’t judge you, we’ll just talk about you behind your back if you haven’t), then that’s completely fine. But if you’re really familiar with the music of that nature, then that should be good enough to get by. Though we feel musicians who are passionate about those games will give the proverbial “OOMF” to Cryamore. In short, you should already know who Koji KondoYoko Shimomura, Nobuo Uematsu, and Noriyuki Iwadare is.
  • Range of musical styles should be explored on your demo reel or site. Usually a game of this nature ranges from “epic” to “whimsical” to “badass”. If you can pull all of them off well, then you could be a fit.
  • Be yourself! Though we know exactly what we want in Cryamore, we encourage you to be yourself when writing your music. We’ll know you’re capable of the job once we bring you onboard, so don’t worry yourself or get nervous.
That’s about it for the requirements. So if you want to be considered for being in charge of the music, please email us at Include a link to your Newgrounds, Soundclick, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube, or any other page where we can hear your music. Heck, if you even write a short cover letter to us, that might up your chances to show us how professional you can be! We don’t encourage you emailing us mp3s and DEFINITELY NOT .wav files. (Please note that we will NOT use any music sent or linked to us, we’re clearly looking for your skillz and if you have them at this time.)
If you can’t compose worth a sack of potatoes and you know someone who can, tell them! Also share/reblog this around as we’re so serious with this, it’s killing our sleep patterns. O____O 

Good luck!

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    We are SO SINCERE. Paying gig. If you think you got the chops, let us know. =)
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