"Menu Taking Too Long!"

Are we? We certainly hope not! 

We’re definitely cooking up some good stuff for Cryamore. Each and every day, we’re solidifying gameplay balances, brushing up the plot/story, and hitting lovely developmental discoveries. 

As of this week, Aivi is ready to throw down on the music front, so expect some sound samples to be teased within these next few weeks or so. =)

This post is gonna shed a bit of light on our menu design/process (and as always, these are all placeholder graphics/fonts and won’t reflect the final look by any means (even that scene/layout is outdated)):

This is the first iteration we went for. We loved this layout scheme, where the interaction/input from the player goes on on the left, while content pops up on the right. But it left too much open room all around. Mind you, we’re leaning towards having a parallax scrolling background to fade in when u go in your menu, but right now we’re testing to see if it will divide the attention away too much from the gameplay. The gear(s) rotates, and we’re most likely gonna keep that element in the menu if we don’t go for the parallax BG. We don’t want it too busy, just enough to keep it lively even on the menu.

In Menu 2, we’re getting somewhere, but we’re not quite there yet. We took out the gear and just had a barebones layout where it shows your equipped Abilities and Status. The typography in this layout is stronger, so we definitely kept that. We also added the menu subjects to the top of the screen as in the first, it was too… bleh?

Also, Esmy’s overall appearance in this shot is getting sharpened in this direction; (Mind the fact that’s not final art, but an idea of the new style. That was quickly drawn/flatted.) more exaggerated shapes (like the larger, Gully from Battle Chasers-gauntlet-like Cryamore Condensers), more cutesy expression, etc. In my default proportionate style, not much can be played with when it comes to exaggerated shapes and varying looks on characters, so I took her back to the drawing board to give her a more solid/simplified look. We’re gonna have animated busts on the dialogue for every NPC and character, so I figured going in this more cartoony, expressive vibe will mesh well with the overall style of the game, including the monsters.


(Ignore the nude-colored Esmy here, this is a placeholder obviously.) 

And 3 was the final one that we decided to lead the direction towards. Obviously we’re gonna polish this further and borrow aspects from the prior two versions of the menu and combine it (animated gears+Streamlined Esmy+etc.). But we think this will suit Cryamore’s menu UI well. Everything’s laid out, bold positioning of elements, the status/player interaction “box”, nice amount of room for the content area on the right side (where the Map, Items and Description, etc. will be) and everything else. We also will add a sub-menu for the Key Items that will progress the story further.

This is an early shot of the Ability menu’s design, where it shows all the abilities you’ve attained thus far in the game. We’re gonna add a scroll function that allows you to scroll through all 81 abilities. But basically, this is your road map to finding all of them in the game. Each ability will be designated to a specific spot so you’ll know what element kind and level you’re missing. Granted, you won’t be able to select every last one of your abilities on the fly. As we discussed in past blog posts, you will only be able to change your elements via load-out spots called CryaSpots throughout the Overworld. The ability icons will have a higher pixel count on there than these, these are obvious placeholders also from Alan’s 8-Bit Bastards.

And then we ha— Oh? Okay.

We have to shut up before we accidentally give out more top-secret information! Deuces!

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