More UI stuff we were playing with.

For this take, we went with a more direct and simple approach to managing your game. We like the simplicity of the newer menu designs, but there’s just something organic and attractive about the UI designs from earlier. Specifically with the way Esmy is shown in the status shots (like the middle pic). The plan is to have different portraits (or maybe even slight animations) based on her specific status, like her looking sick when poisoned, jolted when paralyzed, etc.. 

We still want visage of the game screen while it’s paused in the menu, so there’s not a disconnect for the player. Usually when backdrops come up in the menu, it detracts from the urgency. Menus of that type are better fit for JRPGs, where heavy menu work is being utilized (equipping skills, equipment, items, magic, etc.). 

So most likely, there will be a THIRD iteration of this menu layout (and probably fourth, or fifth, or sixth lmao); we’re going to combine elements from both to see if we can pull off something that isn’t overtly busy, but not childishly simple, with an attractive aesthetic look.

More to come!

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