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Hey folks! It’s been a while since a really hefty blog entry has occurred. We figured we give an update to what’s happening on the Cryamore front. We’re going to talk about a few of some exploration plans we have laid out for ya. Read on if you dare. Bliss DARES you…

If you’ve been keen on things, Cryamore has been getting a lot of play these past two weeks. We’ve been getting a ton of feedback from a lot of talented folks and artists, as well as some comments from folks who work for legitimate game studios, like Insomniac and such. And everyone’s been telling us how much gold we are striking with this game, and as modest as we try to be, we’re just doing our best to do what isn’t done as much as far as an Indie game goes. Yes, we’re definitely working towards setting a trend. We feel that relatively few titles have already done that. We just want Cryamore to be considered within that rank. 

So a valuable question was brought up between us, what else can we do to make Cryamore’s replay value worth pulling off?

Well to give a recap of the basics:

  • There will be a ton of ability collecting. (81 different abilities), a small few being adequately missable. (Nothing morbidly punishing, but we’re thinking up some hardcore puzzles related to that, so you’ll definitely have to be thinking to get ‘em all.)
  • Exchange specific items with the Town Nutritionist for Protein Bars and Calcium Shakes to increase HP and EP respectively.
  • We encourage multiple play-throughs thru the use of different weapon play-styles, ranging from neutral to hard.
  • Town repair by fulfilling NPC requests.
  • We’re making multiple ways to beat the game, but only 1 way to clear it 100%. 
  • Finding and cataloging rare mobs (monsters; which will inadvertently affect your 100% completion if you don’t kill ‘em all).

All those are fine and dandy, but we asked “what can we actually do to really push the envelope as far as exploring and discovering things go?”

Well one of the answers is precious fooooood!

We just detailed an additional concept: We’re going to have special ingredients that you can find to help the Town’s Cook create a nice menu for the nice citizens of Ghilcrest. Not only will this be just as a completion thing, but it will reward players as well. (Like item pouch increases, wallet increases, etc.) And the ingredient system isn’t gonna be overbearing (finding x99 tomatoes, etc.), there will be a set number of each ingredient to find on the island; be it progressive dialogue exchanges, small contextual puzzles, or just simply searching Bliss’ underwear drawer. 

Bliss DARES you.

In addition to food, since we introduced that there will be a tribe known as the Pirax living in certain areas on Noka Island, a friend of ours suggested that we do a learning language system similar to FFX’s Al Bhed Primers. We too, found that a fun aspect of FFX as well, so we decided, ‘why not’. We may not make it as detailed as FFX’s, but we’re definitely gonna get creative with obtaining them compared to just finding them laying on the floor like FFX. 

And if you’re familiar with Brave Fencer Musashi, you remember the action figure collection. There will be a Gashopon machine in the game where you can collect small original pixel figures of characters, monsters, and enemies. (The Esmyrelda we use for our Tumblr icon at the top is an example of it!) If you’re also familiar with the Minish Cap, a similar collection concept was used.

That’s about all we can share as far as a few game details go. As far as where we stand currently in the stream of time:

All the basic code is set in place. We’re now working on the assets specified for the prototype for the end of the year, which will include a wide area of the cave, part of the Overworld, and some of the central town, Ghilcrest. We’re also finishing the menu and streamlining the HUD. And we’re beginning to pixel some other NPCs, as you can see Bliss is pretty amused with that. As far as music goes, Aivi is just about ready to clear up the Ghilcrest Town daytime theme, and we think you guys will LOVE it. We certainly do. Things are starting to finally pick up big.

We have also rallied up a few new helpers, we’ll announce them exclusively in the coming week or so.

We hope you guys are still looking forward to the game after this lengthy read! Back to work for us…er, rather, sleep.

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