Cryamore Kickstarter Launch Date

So we asked a lot of people, and we finally have a set date on when we’re launching the Kickstarter for Cryamore.

Friday, January 25th, 2013.

The page is prepared, goal’s set, and all that needs to go into it is the video and the prototype. We’ve already shared the page with close acquaintances & other successful KS pitchers, and gotten (and we’re continuing to get) feedback and we think it’s gonna turn out awesome! (Well, at least we hope it does.)

We want to take the time out now to thank everyone who’s showing some kind of interest in the game, and sharing it with others so far. Considering the little that we’ve shown, we have gotten massive feedback and support from fans of each team member, other developers, and industry talent. We really want to make this game one of the hallmarks of independent game development, and without people like you guys & gals to push us on, our drive would be no where near on the level that we have now.

We want to humbly ask that if everyone can continue sharing Cryamore stuff with your friends, family, and acquaintances, that would help very much! We promise to deliver a title that you could feel the passion that we’re putting into it.

With that said, back to work for us! And thanks again for the support!

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    I may not be very popular .x. but...side-time gamer .x. so.. SHARE TOO AND SHOW INTEREST...
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    Best of luck to you guys,I hope things go out great with Cyramore!Please to my mere 10 followers…donate if you are able.
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    Seriously cant wait for this! its gonna be boss!
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    This is gonna be a GREAT GAME. Please support it! Support the team =)
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    I keep rebloggin’ concept art and stuff for this game because everything is gorgeous, but I seriously do plan on...
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    can! We’ll somehow try...keep this blog as busy as...are...
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