Let’s talk about Cryamore’s game progression, shall we? All kinda nerdiness going on beneath the break~

So we haven’t really talked about how the game will advance. All you know as of now is that we blended a few elements like Zelda (Link to the Past, specifically), Secret/Legend of ManaMegaman, Metroid, even a smidgen of Brave Fencer. Some people have asked whether it will be a full-on RPG, a full-on sandbox, or if it’s going to be just really linear. 

Well, we’re fans of little-to-no hand-holding, and giving little tips and clues spread throughout the game to progress.

If anyone is familiar with Zelda, this is the way it’s done, however, there is a substantial amount of linearity going on in the storyline and the tips are more direct. You can’t specifically go to ANY dungeon you like to, you have to follow the progression of the game’s story. Though this is a tried-and-true method of game progression, we figured we want to push the envelope a bit more on the freedom. 

In the beginning of the game, Esmy is commissioned by Chief Silvershark to go search out for new Cryamore resources since there’s a relapse of energy about. Cryatists believe there is a grand Cryamore source for each element, declared as Cryamore Primes. So Esmy’s mission is to locate and find these Primes and bring them back for further study.

So, as you’ve guessed it, this is the general progression of the game. Just like Link had to grab the 3 spiritual stones in Ocarina of Time, is how progression works as well in Cryamore. But this is where we’re giving it a twist


In the first half of the game, we will allow the player to make choices based on where they would like to go first, but we’re going to be a bit restrictive in the beginning. You will have a choice whether to go search for the Fire Prime, or the Water Prime in the beginning (the bright yellow section). Once you grab one of those, then it’s open to whether you would like to grab the other Prime or the Primes from the next level, Earth & Wind (the pink section). After all four of those are obtained, then we’ll really give you freedom, opening up the other four Primes to snatch (the bottom half), and making it really tough to grab the final mystery element (in the middle).


Now you’re seeing the Megaman influence. Sometimes in Megaman, you’re presented with 4 bosses, and then upon completing them, another 4 unlock. If you’ve been following along with us up to this point, you’ll know that there are over 80 abilities (81 to be exact) to learn in the game. So we’re blending the Zelda schematic with Megaman, in which you have to pick which ability to use for a puzzle or context (like which item Link has to use to advance combined with figuring out what boss’ power Megaman has to use on another).

Also, we won’t providing the player with ANY on-screen map for specific areas/dungeons (other than the menu world map). You’re gonna have to channel your inner-Zelda 1, to the point where you possibly would have to make your own maps & notes. The only thing we’ll be providing you with are “Area Completed” percentages to help you gauge whether you’ve gotten everything or not. Providing maps a la Zelda doesn’t work within the game’s story, as Esmy is an explorer, not using atlases provided before her.

This calls for a varied play-through, and also adds a bit more replay value to the game (aside from using different Weapons), even giving an incentive to 100% the game. It’s also a good method of keeping within our limits without getting overambitious when it comes to developing the game. A lot of the code will be switch-based. 

So upon each Prime that is found, a cutscene will play that will progress the story. And there are multiple things to do for NPCs outside of the main story, like finding ingredients, repairing the town, and collecting other fun stuff.

We hope you all are looking forward to more coming within the next month. :)

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