3 Days Left!


Hey everyone! There are 3 Days left to jump in on the action on Kickstarter!

Becoming a backer will provide you access to tons of demos where you can try out specific features and areas of the game! Also, this is the only time where you can grab some of the extra-special goodies, like the 2-disc physical soundtrack, figurines and special hardcover art book, and those items won’t be reproduced at any time in the future! 

We’re winding down on the campaign, but that’s not all we have planned. We’ll be hosting a Final Countdown Stream on Munday! You’ll get to ask the team questions, interact with the voice actresses, we’ll explain more gameplay, hear Aivi play stuff for you, and more!

We’ll be opening PayPal support as well for those who can’t help us out through Amazon soon too.

We want to thank everyone again for all of the support they’ve given us up to this point! We’re still blown away at the response, and that encourages us even more. Cryamore is going to become a reality thanks to you all!

This is the last time to share and reblog and do what you guys do best!! Thanks again!!! <3

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    Only 60 more hours to jump on this, I think Sierra and I are donating tomorrow or Monday!
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    3 days left!! Thanks for all your support, everyone! :D
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    Commit to it! I just pledge my 100 dollars to get my hands on the concept art book, looking forward to this game so...
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