PAYPAL! - Final Public Webplayer Build Update

Today’s Update, folks! Here’s the scoop on PayPal:


PayPal support will be open for approximately 2 weeks! This period is the last chance to get in on the special stuff involving Cryamore! Not every tier is available, but these are the rewards you’ll be able to pledge via PayPalPlease note that there is an additional 2.9% PayPal fee to pledge through here. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:

  • Please remember to add your contact information in the “Add special instructions to the seller:” box (email, multiple emails, etc.) so we can contact and keep track of your order! If you don’t do this, it will be hard for us to follow up with you!!
  • For physical items, please add the appropriate shipping specifed if you live outside of the US! If you forget to add it, we will contact you to receive the shipping payment, which makes things harder for us!
  • Protagonist and Fashionista’s Pledges do not include a copy of the game. They are standalone add-ons in which you would have to purchase in addition if you want the game and the figure (For example, click $15 Reward and pay, then click Protagonist’s Pledge and pay).

Click this link for those of you who want to back us via PayPal and the pledges offered there!

Last Public Webplayer Build

Here’s the final Webplayer Build of the likes that we’re providing to our backers throughout the development of the game. So here’s the link to the current build! And here’s the explanation of what’s been implemented since the last one:

  • Esmy has now full running control as planned, so no need to hold shift to run anymore. Running is a default state which will be altered from different Abilities or due to Esmy’s fatigue throughout the course of the in-game days. 
  • The hitboxes have not been set up exactly yet, so you are still able to hit enemies from the side even when you are not swinging the sword in that direction. Enjoy it while it lasts!
  • HP damage marker code is now implemented! HP markers will pop up when Esmy gets hit or when she hits an enemy. Right now, every hit is a 10 or a 5, but that’s because we haven’t set our conditional parameters in yet (leveled stats, elemental acclimatizations, etc.) Font is placeholder and is subject to change.
  • And yeah, Esmy can now get hit again! So no more beating up on helpless Gazers(even though the Firebats are still helpless at this stage). Gazer’s projectiles are placeholder.
  • Some sound effects are in! Some are rough, too loud, or not finalized (like the sword hit contact). Enemies can poof and you can hear Esmy’s shoes clack on the ground (which will change based on if you’re on grass, metal, or in water puddles eventually).
  • Room transitioning is in! You can test going between the two rooms now (North door). There’s even a zone where the game forces Esmy to keep moving once you contacted it, to make sure you don’t screw things up while moving between rooms. 
  • Stage 1 water effects have been tested and is working as you can see. That is a mockup texture, but we’ll be coming up with our own various textures for the water types throughout the game. (We know its not in place!)
  • Layering has not been put in yet, or any of the HUDs (both of which are next to get placed in), and mob behaviors are not final. So please remember that all of this is work-in-progress! 

You’re also going to be seeing some abilities soon as well…


Enjoy playing around with this until the next one! Also, a neat trick (that will give pro Cryamore players a bit of “mad street cred” if they can pull it off): 

We’re going to sneak in some neat secret tricks you can do in combat and when using abilities. For instance (and you can try this now!): when you’re being chased by something, you can use the momentum of the direction you’re running in to quickly turn around and slide back while swinging. (Like, holding left and quickly hitting rightand attack at the same time.) The timing is pretty strict, so it takes a bit to get used to and learn, but it adds a more in-depth approach to the combat mechanics to cater to our more dextrous crowd. We’re going to be sneaking things like this in the game. :)

Also, our PayPal backers will be able to test the backer builds as well. We’ll be providing them through our forums, which will be going up soon!

Have fun, and thanks for your help as always!!

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