Cryamore Prototype Demo!

***IMPORTANT!!!! For Windows Users experiencing the “The content has stopped because of a fatal content error has been detected” error message, we believe this is an issue related to Chrome or Safari. The game should play better/well on Firefox. So for now, play these Webplayer Builds on Firefox.

It’d also be best to close all other applications before playing it as it could also be memory-related.***

It’s that time! Here’s the 1-Month-developed public GDC demo that we scuttled together! You can play it online here in your browser right here:

Cryamore Prototype


For Linux users, you can download the demo here. (Please let us know if everything works for you, as we don’t have a machine that is running Linux set up at the current moment.)

If your browser becomes unresponsive while loading, just wait, it should load. You also may encounter lag based on your machine’s setup/browser. Please note that this issue or lag won’t occur in the final game as you won’t be playing in a browser.

This demo has an end. 

Before playing, please read this information:

Disclaimer and Bugs You Might Run Into

As we’ve stated before, this was a demo practically developed within one month. We know that there are a lot of rough spots in regards to controls, mechanics, and how the abilities function. The primary purpose of the Prototype is to give you a feel for what you’re going to be getting yourself into! Whatever issue you find or have a problem with, chances are we found that same issue and we have plans to fix that exact problem you’re feeling a bit iffy about. So please, don’t take this demo as a final “end all, be all”, as we have a TON OF THINGS to refactor and refine. This prototype is just a smidgen of how much more we need to do. All comments stating minor issues that we know we need to refine and iterate may be ignored, so please don’t take it personal if we don’t reply to you. We’re already on it. :)

Here are a few bugs you might/will run across:

  • The Infinite Rock Drill Bug: When you summon the Rock Drill, it just may join you on the adventure. Meaning, it won’t go away until you summon a new Rock Drill, which will also join you on your adventure. There’s no way of stopping this bug unless you restart the demo.
  • Cryaspot in Basement Room 4 Won’t Brighten The Area: This is an issue with our shader code that we’re currently refactoring, nothing more. 
  • The Sickly Monsters in Basement Room 5: Right at the entrance of Room 4 to the north, the Gazer and Firebat are a bit sick and handicapped. They seem to have a laser and fire deficiency.
  • Braxton’s Invisible Condenser: The Cryamore Condenser that Braxton drops may be there, or it may not. In either case, this doesn’t break the game and you will still be able to finish the demo. If it doesn’t appear for you and you hear the confirmation sound upon entering the room, check your abilities to see if you acquired anything new. This is a placeholder hack, which is why you may encounter this glitch.
  • Gaps In Layout: You may see Esmy’s sword when swinging or a projectile cutting through a background element or the frame of the room. This is already being fixed. 


If you have an Xbox 360 controller, go along and plug it in and play! If you’re on a Mac and have an Xbox 360 controller, please download and install this Xbox 360 Controller driver if you don’t have one before playing. And enjoy!

If you don’t have an Xbox 360 Controller or if you are running on Linux, here are the alternate keyboard controls:

  • Enter Key: ”Start”/Advance Dialogue
  • W: Up
  • S: Down
  • A: Left
  • D: Right
  • Esc: LB Button/Quick Select
  • P: ”Y Button”/Cryability 1
  • O: ”X Button”/Cryability 2
  • I: ”A Button”/Action
  • Spacebar: Attack/Swing Sword

Further Tips

  • Once it’s running in your browser, right-click on the game and click “Go Fullscreen”!
  • It isn’t explained properly, but you can mash the A button in this demo to find objects of interest. You can also heal your HP/EP at the Cryaspots in the demo. (Please note, that these mechanics are NOT how they will behave in the final game. They’re placeholder mechanics that we threw in for a quick fix on our tight deadline and to move the demo along.)
  • Your abilities can also be used to attack if you know what you’re doing!
  • Remember that there is an Art to Combat! Don’t just hack and slash, figure it out!
  • Keep track if you have that Torchlight on! It constantly saps your EP while it’s lit! 

Explore and Enjoy!!

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