edgaronukwugha asked: Have you been using the new Unity3D 2D tools to make content for your game, or have you stuck with older tools due to familiarity?

No, we’ve been sticking to 2D Toolkit for our 2D needs as we feel that even though Unity’s new default 2D is great, it has a lot to catch up on in comparison to 2DTK. But it’s a great stepping stone. Also, migrating this late, even if it was more advanced, to native 2D would be a bad idea.

We are going to migrate our GUI interface to the native 2D, however, as our current method (using NGUI) has been somewhat difficult to manage (bad layering, objects not popping up on initializing, objects becoming lost later on, etc.).


makohi asked: Two words: Steam. Greenlight.

It’s already on our minds! :D


countkalvitus asked: Is there any chance at including a note of recent changes to the Unity build? Or anything in particular you would like us to test?

Right now, what you’re playing with is just code-porting tests. We will be providing changelogs along with each Unity build to backers after the KS/during development. :)


mrendicott asked: Hey I was wondering if you don't meet the goals for console support if the game gets very popular, would you guys consider bringing it to consoles?

If we don’t hit the goal for console support, it is still possible, it will just take significantly longer on our end (QA, Development Kit Costs/Publishing Costs, etc.)


mappel6 asked: I've seemed to have discovered something wrong with the latest backer's build of Cryamore. When the enemy is touching you from the top, you are facing towards it, and attempt to attach, then the enemy won't be hit. The enemy will be hit from all other directions if it's touching Esmy, however.

Yup, that was confirmed yesterday amongst the team and will be tweaked, as what you’re playing/trying out now is just overall hit detection testing (for other abilities/weapons/etc.). :)


mappel6 asked: Wow, the Kickstarter is really getting up there! I hope it gets to the arcade level, $175,000. It looks like it might get there! I am seeing this game as something that is really gonna be good. I'm an independent game developer also, so if the arcade needs anything, I can help there, unless it requires we write the games in Unity but I'd still try. Anyways, this looks very promising, and I'm playing it as soon as the backer rewards arrive!

Thank you for your kind words! We’re hoping for the best as well!


ridermatrix asked: How did you come up with the name Cryamore?

Well, we wanted to think of something that gives people powers, in the form of some mineral. This is where the word “Ore” comes from. The rest was thinking of a name that sounds rather easy to remember but also something that can be tacked on to the lore of the story. It was originally “Crya-Ore”, but that just looked and sounded dumb. 

We’re big fans of Secret of Mana and Secret of Evermore so the result of that was Cryamore. :)


boringandconfused asked: Is the rewind time element more of a nod to Jonathan Blow's Braid instead of Chrono Trigger? Since in Chrono Trigger it's more of a traveling through time element and not a rewinding time one.

The Rewind Cryability is only ONE of the Time Element’s abilities, so it’s a contextual ability not to the extent that Braid had, but more of a Chrono Trigger one, meaning that Esmy travels back and forth thru time at certain spots or to change the day. This ability won’t be abusable, though. 

There are other Cryabilities in the Time list, like Paradox, which makes duplicate copies of Esmy to solve puzzles a la LOZ:Four Swords or Blazing Speed, which doubles Esmy’s movement animation to cross tricky areas and such. And even Reverse Infliction, which is the game’s ‘healing spell’, ‘cuz we all know Time heals wounds.

So we will have a lot to uncover regarding Elements and Cryabilities within the next few months. :)


hanyes asked: This may have been asked before, if so, bear with me: do you know already what the minimum will be on the Kickstarter to be able to get the game? I know it's a weird question, but I want to make sure I have at least the game!

Not sure if this is what you’re referring to, but the game will cost $15! It’s the first pledge option. So it’s going to be pretty accessible for almost anyone to be able to grab it. =)

If you’re referring to the projected amount for us to get the game created, we can’t share that just yet!


speedingfireball asked: How crazy cool/hidden will your easter eggs be AND can you give us an hint on what they'll be all about?

Oh man, we already laid out a ton of easter eggs to have which will range from old-school games to current games that were notable to us as far as our likes go.

We don’t want to spill the beans on that; we think it’d be best for the player to discover them. :D

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