Time for an Extended Vid Snippet showcasing Pre-Alpha build v3.8 (with tired commentary by Alan)! It shouldn’t have to be said, but here are a few disclaimers:

  • What you see in this video is still all rough and placeholder. These are usually all coding tests to make sure things are ran efficiently. 
  • Time will NOT be ticking that fast, this is all for testing purposes.
  • Menu is NOT the final look. 
  • Room transitions are NOT added in yet. 
  • This is NOT the final layout of the caverns. We have yet to add a lot of areas to this.
  • The mob is still being worked on. 

TL;DR: Basically nothing is the final look and feel. Just tests!

Dev Vid Snippet!

Alan showing us some of the objects/props he’s been modeling in Maya.

(Yes, that big house is the Barson Mansion!)

More information on why and how we’re using 3D here.

Dev Vid Snippet! So we were running some tests last night, here’s an updated video on a few things. But first a few disclaimers:

  • We know the transitions between rooms are too quick, we have yet to implement transitions (more on this below). 
  • Esmy’s sprite is all over the place with different versions (lol). That is still all rough and will be rectified soon. As well with her neutral stance, she’s a bit too excited it seems.

So first thing’s first: HUD 2.0 is working and operating (at 95%)! Alan was too sleepy to notice that the gear is kind of floating in space, haha, but an easy fix for that. But the gear in game will move based on every game minute, not every 15 game minutes. (The in-game clock is sped up for test purposes.) The gear will also spin forward and in reverse violently when using the Chrono Shift Cryability.

Next: Room transitions are extremely fast. And when we mean ‘extremely’, we mean like an exaggerated Comcast commercial. The first room is one texture with dimensions of 2313x1894. The room with the dragon statue is 1041x1056. And the final Overworld section outside of the caverns is a whopping 4107x3088. What’s even more awesome with this is that we are not chugging that much VRAM at all.

We’ve been optimizing the crap out of this game/build and the numbers we’re seeing on our memory consumption are really low, and we’re still finding ways to make it even lower (as we want to keep the requirements to the lowest graphics card need as much as we can to reach as many people as we can). It’d be interesting to see how much we’d be pushing out once a lot of things are going on at once, but from our current estimates, this game will be pretty huge in scale, but should be ran very light. We’ll keep testing this as more backgrounds/areas get created with a final verdict.

And that’s why the room transitions are so fast. So from the way things are going, there will be practically NO load times… just like the old days. 

Quick Vid Snippet!

Getting an idea of the gear turning on the new HUD 2.0 (note that some elements like the picture and font are still placeholder):

As you can see we drastically streamlined this one from HUD 1.0:

We got rid of the bulky space over the HP/EP bars. We feel that if the players can’t make out what your HP/EP, then you shouldn’t be playing (we may still have a light overlay over the bars, but we’ll see). There will be detailed info when you go into your menu anyway.

We made the equipped ability slots more readable to the player, showing which ability is in which arm, as the previous was kinda hard to tell. The clock screen is bit taller, allowing us to make the day and time more readable. We also got rid of a gear and made one bigger one, and that gear will turn every time a game-minute ticks. And made the yellow more golden and reminiscent of steampunk tech.

Cryamore Dev Vid Snippet #4

It’s been awhile since we posted a dev video snippet and there’s been quite a lot of things happening under the hood since then.

Take note that a lot of what’s seen are still placeholders (Esmy’s sprite, animations, etc.). Showcased in this video are the enemy movements along with registering wall boundaries for both the Gazer mobs and Esmy herself. There’s not going to be a slew of enemies like this in one area, this is all for testing purposes.

You can see Esmyrelda’s walk and run switch along with the difference in speed and the stamina meter going back to zero when she performs an attack. We’re still working on Esmy’s final animations/artistic direction, but game code and gameplay is the priority currently.

The layering of objects is also evident here as Esmy and the Gazers appear accordingly in front or behind each other. Along with all of that is a test of the status menu display.

There’s a bunch of other stuff not included in this video right now as they’re still being worked on like the item drops, different enemy AI behaviors, object examination, other menu screens and room transitions to name a few. Again, we’d like to reiterate that these are still mainly placeholders and are subject to change.

Currently, the town is being worked on, and the rest of this cavern is being designed. Rob is currently working on the full world map and all contextual events in this cavern to show for the Kickstarter Prototype.

We’re going to get to introducing more characters/monsters soon, as we know things have been very quiet, but rest assured, we’re still going full-steam on this, as you can see from the Dev Vid Snippet.

Cryamore Dev Vid Snippet #3

Oh you guys are going to like this one. Before we begin, placeholder background courtesy of Square-Enix, placeholder music of Falcom/XSEED.

So the game’s clock has been fully implemented. If you notice the time in the HUD (we have it moving faster than it should just to show), the global lighting at each respective time changes. So night will feel like night and day will feel like day. We’re going to still play with the tints (lighten the night tint some for sure). 3D lighting overlays will not make it be so dark at night, of course. Scenes where the sky can be seen will be changed as well (randomly generated clouds/stars).

At 8:00, daytime music for each area will begin, & at 20:00, night time music for each will begin. This will affect the world globally (in every place but caverns/enclosed areas).

At the end, we demonstrate the Rewind time ability works as well. You won’t have free reign as we do, the ability can only be done under very strict and specific conditions, but you can get an idea. We will create the rewind effect animation later on, it’s just good to have this in place.

Also, Ver. 1.0 of a moving Esmyrelda sprite! Good night, kids!

Cryamore Dev Vid Snippet #2

I’ll save you all the boring dev talk of technical mumbo-jumbo and keep this as simple as I can. The above video displays what would be an in-game area as big as 3520x3600 pixels. For a single background that big, a handful of computers would most likely throw a fit and flip your table for you.

Rob and I came up with a breakthrough workaround which is on display right on that video. What you see are 5 separate wide-background placeholders put together to form one whole area.

Basically, we found a way to implement LARGER areas than we expected for all of you eager to explore, be it large lush forests, expanses of caverns, wide grassy plains and even a really big town! All without having too frequent a loading screen that would just break up the flow of gameplay (and we’re sure nobody likes that).

The doors have pretty much been opened as to what we can work into the world of Cryamore!

Cryamore Dev Vid Snippet #1

So let’s explain a bit of the gameplay mechanics.

As you can see on the short vid, the fighting system has a simple premise. (The hud and all are mockups obviously.) 

Early on, the battle gauge will reset to 0% after every hit and will rebuild back to 100% attack power. (Just think Secret of Mana.) On higher levels, different, more powerful attack types (probably command input-based) will make the meter build slower after a hit, allowing for strategic gameplay. You can button mash all you want, but be prepared for low-percentage values every time it connects with an enemy.

The gauge will also be able to charge up to a weapon’s level for a special attack (think, again, of Secret of Mana here). 

Also, if you look at the HUD, there are two large slots and two small ones to the side of it. These are your equipped elemental abilities. Abilities consume EP (Elemental Points). The largest slots are your mapped abilities (these are corresponding to a keyboard/controller input, like Zelda’s ‘B’ and ‘A’ slots for whatever item you have on there). There will also be a Quick Select menu to switch around your whole 4 equipped abilites (there are 81 abilities to find and learn throughout the whole game, and they all range from offensive to defensive and support types, each having 1 of 9 elemental types). You’ll be able to switch your elemental loadout at many Cryaspots scattered around the world (think Bioshock).

So with these three main mechanics, you can come up with some strategic gameplay. Your Base attack (which have its own tiers), Ability Slot 1 and Ability Slot 2.

So if you want to go out and choose a Gun for your playthrough, equip Zap and Vanish (which is a Space elemental ability that allows you to quick-cloak yourself to dodge enemy projectiles/attacks) then you can be a miniature lightning-based Wesker (from RE). Or, you can have just a Sword and equip two polar-opposite elemental armors and switch between them and you can be a lil-human Ikaruga. OR you can equip Push (a Wind ability that gives you zoning capabilities when monsters are crowding you) and Black Hole (a Space ability that works as a mine that can suck some enemies into… black holes) and have a nice push away-and-dispose loadout.

Lots of possibilities. =)

In the HUD, you’ll be able to see the time of the day, the game date, and Esmyrelda’s status (her picture will change based on if she’s poisoned, sleepy, stunned, etc.)

We’ll have a lot more to share very soon, definitely on the Elements that will be in the game. 

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