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Hey, fellow Cryatists! It’s time for a new update!

First off, we feel that you guys are really anxious about this game! We wanted to let you know that we are too! We’re working tirelessly at creating Cryamore, making sure it’s everything we (and hopefully you) want it to be. With that said, we’re so happy and thankful that you guys are continuing to be very supportive of our work on this game, and please know that it doesn’t go unnoticed by us here at NostalgiCO. With that said, this general update is sorta meaty, and is also being given amidst a lot of big development updates, so we’ll break this in pieces!

By the way, that above image is a cropped peek at a guest gallery image for the artbook by Caleb Thomas! Check his other work out! Yup, the artbook is still going to be a thing! 

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Bliss Barson Sculpt - Ghilcrest - Surveys

Hey, fellow Cryatists! Here’s an update! Nothing too extravagant on this one!

Bliss Sculpt


Bliss is complete! She’s off to the printer for production along with Esmy! We totally love how she came out, and we’re definitely looking forward to the tangible version of her! 

If you want to take a more in-depth look at her, just click around our handy interactive 3D tool and spin her around! (May take a bit to load depending on your connection/browser):

This goes for Bliss too: this is not representative of a final paint job, but this is as close you’re going to get for a digital look. Bliss will also be approximately 24cm tall (about 9.5 inches). 

Again, we will not have that many copies of her, so if you want her, be sure to stay tuned for information on preordering her if you didn’t get a chance to pledge for her. All of our backers, take note of this information once again:

  • For all of our backers that ordered an Esmy and/or Bliss figure, we are sending out surveys this week (the majority of backers that involve the figures have already been sent)! We’ll need specification as to whether you want your figure stock pre-painted, or as an unpainted kit. We know that quite a few of you would like to paint her yourselves or have someone you know paint them for you. We’ll need this survey filled ASAP so we can get our numbers in for production. 
  • There will NOT be another reprint. There have been some who have expressed wanting a Bliss or Esmy figure much after the Kickstarter was over. These remaining ones will be available for picking up by anyone, and preorders for them will be thrown up on our upcoming revamped site, although, they will cost $150 each. This will be your final chance to grab one of these figures if you wanted one, but have been on the fence about it. We will make an announcement when the preorder page goes up.

Ghilcrest Teasing!

We don’t have a video up yet, (because we’re totally not done with it yet) but we can only tease a little bit of it! (We’d really like to wow you when it’s all put together!) Here’s the Ghilcrest Café:


photo Cafe-WIP.pngAnd here’s the theme to the Café, written by Surasshu!


As stated earlier, we’ve already started sending out some of the surveys, primarily the figures first, as they’re on the road to production. The rest of everyone’s surveys will roll out over the course of this week. Please, when received, respond in a timely manner so we can have all of this information on hand to make the fulfillment stuff as seamless as possible! We give you our thanks in advance!

We apologize that today’s update is lacking the usual video to accompany it! A lot of what we’ve been working on are backgrounds and engines and tools that work behind the scenes in the game. We desire to get back to more detailed incremental updates, such as our development process so you can see how we’re using Unity and insight into music creation and art asset production. And we definitely would like to get back to streams so you can hangout and watch us work!

Until the next update, we bid you farewell!

Thanks again, folks! 

-NostalgiCO Team

Fanart Friday!

We got quite the amount of fan-goodies!! Time for show-n-tell:



A cutely-stylized pic of Esmy by Adam Law!


A wispy illustration of Sylpha from Christine Landis!


A very cool piece of Esmy by Sarrus!


A fantastic Rock Arrangement of the Main Theme by Garoad! 

And an insane live rock cover of the Main Theme by Ferdk!

You guys know how to spoil us!

If you have fanart you’d like to do up of characters and stuff from Cryamore, let us know! We’ll feature it here every Friday!

Album Art

Smash thru the bones of volatile opposition!

ArtistAivi Tran ft. Amaterasu
TitleSplit Down the Middle!
AlbumCryamore Original Soundtrack
Album Art

We hope you’re ready!!!

ArtistAivi Tran
TitleCRYAMORE! (Main Theme)
AlbumCryamore Original Soundtrack
Album Art

New Track! We let this peek a couple of weeks ago, but here’s the final version! This will be the day theme to the Molten Mountain area.

We have 8 days left until the Kickstarter!

ArtistAivi Tran
TitleClimb, Lest I Fall
AlbumCryamore Original Soundtrack

Fanart Friday!

 makes another remix of Aivi’s awesome music! This time, the Nightfall theme for Ghilcrest! Pretty sweet take!

Original heard here!

If you have fanart you’d like to do up of characters and stuff from Cryamore, let us know! We’ll feature it here every Friday!

Album Art

New track! 

Letting you all hear how Ghilcrest will sound when the sun sets and businesses rest up!

Here’s the Day Version

ArtistAivi Tran & Surasshu
TitleNightfall (Ghilcrest at Night)
AlbumCryamore Original Soundtrack

Wow! We got our first remix/arrangement! 

This is the Daybreak at Ghilcrest theme orchestrated, done by ! Fantastic!! 

Original heard here!

Album Art

Time for a new track from Aivi! The daytime version of Cryamore’s main town, Ghilcrest.

ArtistAivi Tran & Surasshu
TitleDaybreak (Ghilcrest at Day)
AlbumCryamore Original Soundtrack
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